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Two-thirds of the earth is covered by water.
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what sets boost swim school apart

what sets boost swim school apart

Boost Swim School program was developed by owners Jeff and Kristy Pearson and created using their extensive swimming and teaching experience. Jeff has been involved in aquatics for over 25 years, coaching and teaching thousands of swimmers from infants to Olympic Champions. Kristy holds a Masters degree in Education and was a public school teacher prior to putting her full time emphasis in Boost Swim School. Together, they have created a unique program unmatched in the Sacramento area. Boost Swim School is a member of the United States Swim School Association, a national body of integrity-based professional swim schools and fully insured.

boost swim school philosophy

boost swim school philosophy

At Boost Swim School, we teach your child to become water safe as quickly as possible and learn to swim using proper stroke mechanics from the beginning.

We believe that learning to swim is a life skill necessary in a world comprised by over 60% water. Drowning is the leading cause of injury related death in children. In 2000 alone, over 1400 children under the age of 20 drowned.

We believe that the best way to teach anyone to swim is to take the most up to date swimming techniques employed by the world’s best swimmers and break those skills down into a structure that leads even our most novice swimmers on the path toward technical mastery. Not everyone will swim on a swim team one day, but everyone should have the basic skills to do so if they chose.

We believe that practicing new skills in a comfortable environment is critical to learning. Our facility provides 89 degree water INDOORS. It is tough enough to learn to swim without having to deal with the elements and cold water.

We believe that, much like learning a musical instrument, the best way to learn to swim is through consistent practice year round. Parents would not expect their child to learn to play the violin with two weeks of instruction in the summer. Our lessons are offered once or twice per week for 25 minutes year round to provide consistency and to fit into the busiest of schedules.

We believe that children learn best with an individual approach and with rewards for achievement. Each swimmer in Boost Swim School progresses at their own rate and is rewarded for passing levels with a bell ringing ceremony celebrated by all.

We believe that each child is special and unique, each requiring a different approach. Some need to be nurtured, some need firm guidance and most fit somewhere in between. Our coaches recognize this fact and are experts at finding the right approach for each child.

At Boost Swim School, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. We constantly strive to improve our program and to provide the best possible environment to learn to swim. Your child is worth the best, so don’t settle for less than Boost Swim School!

Our Coaches

All coaches at Boost Swim School are hand selected through an extensive interview and training process Only mature, gifted and caring teachers make the cut. All of our instructors have the special ability to teach important skills while making it fun to learn!

  • Jeff Pearson

    Owner Jeff Pearson

  • Kristy Pearson

    Owner Kristy Pearson

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    Coach Cassie

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    Coach Charlotte

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    Coach Chloe

  • Darci

    Coach Darci

  • Gretchen

    Coach Gretchen

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    Coach Julia

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    Coach Kadryn

  • Kenzie

    Coach Kenzie

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    Coach Kitty

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    Coach Laurie

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    Coach Maelyn

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    Coach Mari

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