According to the state of California, "Drowning prevention classes, including swim lessons with certified instructors, are permitted in indoor and outdoor swimming pools in all tiers, as they are deemed essential”.
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Lessons for all ages

Lessons for
all ages

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Prepare for
swim team

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The coaches at Boost are the BEST we've ever known. My 4 yr old was terrified of the pool when we first started and after a few months of patience and important skills wrapped up in fun games & exercises, he now looks forward to his lessons all week long. He is confident and proud of the skills he's developed and is eager to learn more. Thank you to all of your amazing coaches, our boys have positively LOVED their lessons with you!
I would like to thank you all so much for your services. A loves her swimming classes and has learned so much. We are sad to have to stop such an enriching activity during these unprecedented times but look forward to finding a school half as good as yours in the east coast. Thank you again for such great customer service. -Jennifer
I have been so happy with M's swim progress at Boost school in Folsom. He has so much for more confidence and less fear. As we go into the summer, I am excited to take him swimming because he is having so much fun!! Thank you!!
I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an awesome environment for my children. They look forward to their swim class every week and the improvement in their skills has been absolutely amazing. R has gone from not wanting to put his face under water to fully submerging and back swimming across the pool. Your instructors are so great, especially Hunter. He is so patient and kind. Thank you so much. -Kate
C absolutely LOVED her lessons and her teacher. You guys did a wonderful job and she has really gained a lot of skills. We are very grateful for that.
Thank you so much for the lessons. B has excelled tremendously. She's beginning to be very comfortable in the water. I am extremely happy with the fact she is ok with putting her head in the water and floating in the short amount of time we have been doing lessons. Coach Gallie is such a wonderful teacher. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience.
My kids have loved the teachers and their experience at the swim school very much! We love the positive reinforcement and great instruction they receive. The certificates and ribbons they earn when they pass levels is very motivating for them. Since they started they have both become very confident in the water. Overall it has been a the best place for my kids to learn to swim. -Liz
I am extremely grateful for the time and effort that has gone into teaching L to swim. He wouldn’t even put his face in the water when he started. Now he’s jumping into the water in the deep end of the pool! He thinks of himself as a swimmer and I know now that he is water safe. I am so thankful for your program and your amazing instructors.
I want to recognize the effort of the teachers at Boost Swim School to help S get to this level. There was a point in time when she was scared of doing the flip turn close to the edge for fear of hurting herself and it took quite some encouragement and patience from the teachers until she gained her confidence back. I am very pleased at her progress, so thank you again.
Claire has had a wonderful experience at the school and she now has a solid foundation for swimming. I want to thank you for your dedication to the kids and gentle guidance with learning new techniques. -Christine
We started each of our sons at Boost Swim School when they were three. Our eldest was fearless and our middle son was fearful of the water, the staff at boost swim school met both boys where they were at and provided an environment where they could each learn at their own pace. The class sizes are very small which gives each child the opportunity to learn and grow at a quick pace. We have peace of mind knowing our eldest is water safe and that our middle son is well on his way. We have nothing but good things to say about Boost, our third son will be at Boost Swim School soon! -Sarah
Just wanted to let you know you guys do a great job with the kids and teaching them. I have been watching K at swim practice with swim team. She is doing amazing compared to other kids her age and she knows so much. I love the way you guys teach the little kids. Thank you. -LeeAnn
Britta has very much enjoyed Boost and I have been really pleased with the facility, teachers and how organized everything has been!!!
Boost Swim School corrected my son’s swim strokes to the point where he is more efficient in swimming. The pre-comp program has prepared him for recreational swim team every year. The coaches that he had were focused on safety and doing the correct strokes. The report cards are a nice touch as well as the ribbons and medals for completing each level. -Janet
We have signed L up for swim team and she has made the team!! Thank you for your guidance and instruction as I believe her attendance at Boost assisted her in getting confidence in the pool.
The management and staff are fantastic, my daughter loved her lessons, plus she learned a lot too.
Awesome environment. Very responsive class coordinator and great, positive instructors. My son passed the first skill test after 1 class. We will be continuing to use them after the first month is over.
They are GREAT! Signed up my daughter for additional month of classes. They got her to finally put her head under water. We'll be back again.
I was very happy to see it was an indoor pool for those blazing hot , or cold days . Great instructors , and very low teacher to student ratio . highly recommend .
Awesome program! My 2 kids learned so much more than any other rec program. The teachers are very patient and work well with any age kids. Consistent staff makes a big difference.
They were super responsive to questions submitted by email and very flexible with scheduling my three grandchildren.
I want to let you know how much we love Boost. The teachers and staff have all been so wonderful and accommodating- making sure we are in the right class and making getting in the water so easy. Literally every morning B asks if he has swim lessons! I NEVER thought it would be that easy to get him to go! Thank you so much!
All the classes and swim instructors are really good and my son has shown a vast improvement in his swimming skills since he joined. He has totally overcome his fear for water.
I have put E in other lessons and have never seen the results that we have had with Boost. Your instructors are very good in teaching techniques.
Our daughter started her swimming lessons 5 years ago at Boost swim school. In the last 5 years, she had ton of fun learning all the skills with wonderful techniques. Our Sincere "Thanks to you and to all the excellent teachers" she was lucky to get at every level.
I wanted to tell you how happy we have been with the classes. This is our third swim school and the instructors you have have been the best. I've been so happy with their progress. Thank you!
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