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Toddler Classes

Our Toddler program serves as a transitional class from Parent/Tot classes and into the regular Learn to Swim group classes. Toddler classes are for children 2-3 years of age with up to two children per class and one instructor.

A swimmer (age 6 months - 3 years of age) must first enroll and pass out of the Parent/Tot program or approved with an assessment to be able to enroll in the Toddler class. Instructors will work with these young swimmers to gain confidence in the water and further advance in their basic skills through skill work as well as songs and games.

*Note: Only reusable swim diapers are permitted and are required for swimmers under the age of 4.

Our monthly tuition for our Toddler class is $137 per month for one lesson per week per swimmer. If you would like to attend two lessons per week, a $15 discount is given for a total of $259 per month. We ask for an advanced 30-day written notice for stopping with lessons. No spaces are guaranteed until you register online and receive an email confirming your enrollment. Classes are ongoing so you may start at any time. If you start in the middle of the month, classes will be pro-rated. At Boost Swim School, we try our best to make sure swimmers are grouped in lessons not only by skill level, but also by age. When enrolling, please select the correct class to match the age of your swimmer. The times listed below are for group lessons. Please email us to set up a private lesson time.

If there is a class below with no openings, you can add yourself to the wait list by clicking on the far left column titled "Wait List". If this option is not available that means the class and the wait list are currently full. Please limit your wait list applications to one class.

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